Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is this Jupiter? Cause I feel stupider...

Me, after another successful shift!
I probably shouldn't be writing a blog right now, as I barely sleep these days; but I feel like sharing what's been happening with my crazy ass. 

I applied for a job at Stop 'n Shop in August and I am proud to tell you all I am now working the graveyard shift breaking down pallets, loading u-boats, stocking shelves and busting 
my ass. 

I have more bruises than a Lynn crack whore! 

It's physical, exhausting and totally stress-free and that's what I want! Nothing like getting paid for an eight 
hour workout!  

My first week I felt like the walking dead and wasn't able to accomplish anything that involved the use of my brain.
These looks like a great place to rest for a bit!

This week won't be as punishing as I'm not working every other day. I worked last night and I am working Friday night. I'm short a shift as I am getting yet another cortisone shot injected into my spine! 

Dr. LaMonaco is EVIL!
I know, I know; you are all incredibly jealous of my lavish lifestyle! I don't know if you would be able handle the extravagance that comes with such an opulent way of living!

So next time you are out grocery shopping, please take a moment to think of the poor slobs that stock the shelves full of wonderful foods and beverages for you to consume. 

And if you see me on the street or out and about around town, feel free to stop me and give me 
a hug.

Splendid then...