Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's raining, it's Wednesday, it's my birthday

I had no idea they were available in a box!
Today I am officially closer to 45 than I ever have been. Honestly, I didn't think this day would ever come. I can still reverse the numbers and become nine years younger; and I could definitely pass for nine years younger thanks to my good genes, (I should also thank my good jeans and my mom and dad). 

Do these jeans make me look lame?

How will I be spending this glorious rainy Wednesday, you ask? Dinner? Family? Cake? NOPE! I will spend it just like any other day. Laying about in my underwear watching bad TV while surfing the inter webs, listening to the neighbors down the street scream at each other, and dreading the fact that I have to work all night (and the next six nights). 

Chocolate Opera Cake

This is in fact, the first birthday that I have not been at Dodge Street Bar and Grill, since the age of 24. Damn! I. AM. OLD. I won't be able to celebrate this, my 43rd year on this rock, until next Thursday evening. Until then I will be thinking about this cake obsessing and drooling about eating this cake ->
for the next eight nights. It's. That. Good.

I will miss seeing my friends and my family today and will be thinking about all of you CAKE!

Splendid then...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Nazis are at it again...

It's always pleasant to be disturbed by a loud banging noise coming from your back door at 11am. I work the night shift and thankfully I was off last night or this would have woken me up and I would be even more pissed off than I already am. 

Okay, they weren't wearing a mask, but it felt the same
I opened my back door to see a Sheriff and two men fucking with the door knob breaking into my back hallway. When I asked what they wanted the Sheriff told me to open the door. So I walked back into my apartment, as I didn't want my cat to get out, and looked for my keys. Mr. Impatient Sheriff, started barking at me to open the door, and I started yelling at him that I was looking for my keys and to hold on. He then spoke to me in a very condescending tone, like I'm a fucking five year old, and told me not to yell. This immediately set me off into defensive mode, thanks JACK ASS. I tell them, that they aren't supposed to be here as we just paid the gas company $280 and we have a payment agreement. To which they replied, "that may be so, but we have a warrant to shut you off and that's what we are going to do." 

That's what they did. So had to have the hub call, as I am not listed on the account and after talking to 5 different people, we are getting turned on again today. This all could have been avoided had they lived up to their end of the agreement. Honestly, I don't have enough things in my life to be upset and stressed out about, I needed to start my day with more bullshit.

Lots and lots of money...
I work way too hard for shit like this to happen, but because I owned a bar and made zero money, I fell behind with everything. Just because I'm working hard doesn't mean that I am making money. I am barely making enough to scrape by. Everything is going up, food, gas, utilities. It's a daily battle to survive and for what? The American Dream?? That no longer exists in this day and age. I took a job, that I am way overqualified for, just so I could make any money at all. Now that I am looking for work that I am qualified for, there is nothing there for me. Anything that I find is part-time, and pays what I make now or less. 

Did I mention I have been playing the lottery?

Splendid then...


Monday, March 5, 2012

I don't know why I let it get to me

I haven't been updating as much as I would like to. Working night shift has stolen my brain, and any ounce of giving a shit I may have once had. Although I am pretty certain, that I was well on my way to not giving a shit before I started this job.

I will fill you in briefly as to the happenings at the good old food factory. When I was hired back in September, store management was reasonable, professional, and didn't make up numbers on their computer that make the night crew progressively worse and worse as time flies on past.

They gave us hours and didn't tell us how much we sucked, so we were pretty content and motivated to do a good job.

I got along very well with my co-workers and my boss and was happy to go to work.

New management arrived on the scene around the holidays and for a while they let us be. Then, they started messing with our schedules and cutting our hours. Our night crew chief complained and tried his best to get us more hours. 

Smiley McFuckface is very smart
Fast forward to about two months ago; we started getting scheduled to come in at midnight on Sunday (saves them an hour of time and a half pay) and leave at eight am, so now we are putting up the biggest load of the week and the last hour, we have to deal with customers (we are on night shift for a reason, we hate people). 

Soon after, they started the MANDATORY MONDAY MORNING FUCK SHOW, aka a meeting scheduled at 7:30 am, thus losing a half an hour of productivity so that they can tell us that we suck. When we ask questions, we don't get answers and are treated like children.

The past month we have been getting up the full loads and getting little to no thanks or acknowledgement, in fact; we keep getting told that our numbers are getting worse. 

This past week, we had a guy on vacation and a guy out sick. The guy on vacation works in frozen, so we had to send one of our guys to do frozen, which left us with three people on several nights. Not enough to get the loads up.

SMFF doesn't like questions. He's 

 taking his ball home and telling mom!
So, today the head honcho (aka Smiley McFuckface, or simply SMFF), starts in on us right away, no "good morning" or anything civil. When we ask questions about how he is coming up with these numbers, he gets aggravated, doesn't answer, and yells that it's his meeting and he's not to be interrupted. Someone asked another question and he snapped and yelled that the guy was interrupting and being disrespectful and then got up and declared the meeting to be over and stormed out of the room. Five seconds later, he sent one of his minions in to call our crew chief into his office, to surely rip him a new one, for questioning his stupidity, err... ah authority.

All I could say, was I have not seen such childish and unprofessional behavior at such a high level of management. This guy has no clue how to deal with people. He only knows his imaginary numbers made up by his magical computer. I have had many jobs in my life, and I have run my own business. The more meetings we have, the more this guy comes off as a spoiled little boy, that is a complete moron.

Yup, Fatty McDoucheface, in the flesh!

He and his main minion (aka Fatty McDoucheface), seem to be on some sort of power trip. They don't have a clue as to why we don't seem motivated....

It frightens me, to the core, that this world is being taken over by the greedy, the ignorant and the lazy. Oh and lest we forget the douchey.

I have been actively looking for another job, since the very first meeting. I'm an adult, I don't need to be treated poorly for little money and back breaking work. I can only hope that these douche bags fall flat on their face... It's too bad, really because I love my crew chief and everyone that I work with...

Splendid then...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I haven't blogged since last year!

Dearest friends, countrymen, faithful readers;

Warning: this blog contains no fun pictures or humor! Just an update!

I haven't blogged in so long, so much has changed since we last met.

I have been working graveyard shift since September at a giant corporate grocery store. I wanted to take a job that I wouldn't have to think very much and get a workout. I was happy with it for a while. I like my boss and my co-workers very much, it's the idiots in charge that have turned me sour. They reward laziness, stupidity and greed and I don't fall into any of those categories. I work my ass off for peanuts and my body is falling apart at an increased rate.

Our reward for doing a "better" job, has been to have our hours cut. (Remember, you are never rewarded for hard work). They brought back a guy that leaves sick, calls out and barely works (rewarding laziness & greed) and have cut back all of the part timers hours.

I hope to be able to write more and tell you fun tales from the supermarket. 

I am presently looking for a job where I will use my brain again, because, as you know, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste"

I currently do not have the internet at home (it's like I'm living in the ate eees), that's mostly why I haven't blogged in so long; that and the fact that I am always in a zombie like, vacant state of being. Working nights and lifting things up and putting them down, does a number on my 42 year old self...

I am no longer in the restaurant business, which is a combination of sadness and relief, (mostly relief). We didn't get any offers on the business itself, so we lost A LOT of money and we are in the process of selling the liquor license, which takes a long time. If we are lucky we might see a tiny bit of money after everything we owe is paid off.

I'm just trying to get through winter, and life...

I hope to be fully back to the blog by spring.

Splendid then...