Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sometimes going backward is progress

Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and hold onto the hope that things will work out the way they are meant to be, (not how you think it should be). I am not so great at the whole deep breath thing, (or remembering to swallow whatever beverage I am drinking, but that's another story for another time). Despite my shallow breathing and my huge desire to control ALL, things have started to slowly progress are crawling along at a snails pace and I have been able to grasp on to that sweet sliver of hope.I am clinging onto my last sliver of sanity.

The entrance to my bedroom
I am adjusting to the life of a cellar dweller have learned to breathe pure mold and not die and am taking lots of allergy meds solely responsible for keeping Allegra D in business. When I first moved here, I was waking up every morning to a spinning room, (very similar to going to bed drunk with the spins, but replace going to bed with waking up and drunk with sober). I admit I was a bit concerned that perhaps the mold may try and kill me and I wasn't entirely sure if I was going to be able to live. Allegra-D had a long talk with the mold and assured me that it would protect me from any attacks. If I run out of Allegra-D then all bets are off. I do have random bouts of dizzy, I'm sure they are unrelated...

Cheer up Charlie, you are all dead...

I spent the fall applying for jobs, going on far too few interviews and even fewer second interviews, doing surveys, re-watching the entire 6 seasons of Lost, trying not to panic, and finally landing a FULL TIME JOB! Those are incredibly rare these days!

Oddly enough, as soon as I stopped calling in my weekly unenjoyment claims, they suddenly, (3 months later), reached a decision on my appeal hearing; and... I am still unsure if I am getting any money. The wording in this letter was vague and confusing. I had two other intelligent people read it and we all agreed that it seems like I am getting some...I wish there was someone I could call to confirm this.. 

So, for now, I am working, saving money, and waiting for spring and warmer weather so show me my next move.


Love and miss you Paul

Splendid then...