Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This is why I haven't been writing

I'm getting "scowl" wrinkles, it's not cool.

I'm behind and I know it.  

I'm behind on everything; bills, taxes, the times, and writing... I have been making notes of things to write about, notes that say things like; bird almost flew into face, can you blow me where the pampers is, uti university 

Problem is I have been really down and have been struggling to find any humor in anything. Sad, I know. 

OK, this amuses me slightly.

People stop me and tell me I've got great form when i walk!
As you all know I've been going to physical therapy for my back issues constant source of pain. I've been walking limping along, (hmm, that's got a nice ring to it. Should have named my blog limping along instead of swimming upstream), three to four miles a day, almost every day for the last couple of months. The last couple of weeks I have been noticing that my left foot is losing all feeling when I'm on these "walks". Thank you bulging discs, this has been a fun eight years, I can only hope we can be like this forever!

This is stubborn? Are her brains about to leak out of her head?

I was so certain that when the weather finally warmed up a bit, my pain would lighten up as well. WRONG!! If you know me, then you know how much I hate to be wrong or admit to being wrong. I am stupidly stubborn that way, emphasis on stupid.

Where was I? 

Ah, yes, in pain, as usual. My therapist recommended that I get a cortisone injection, In. My. Spine.
This is fun!
Let me tell you I've had a Spinal Tap when I was a child. My parents thought I had Spinal Meningitis as I had a horrible fever after playing with a dead mole. Wait, what? Why did I play with dead animals? I was a strange kid, that grew up to be became a strange adult. We'll touch on that subject at a later date. Needles in my spine, I recall being horribly traumatized, although I'm sure my age and my high fever contributed to the trauma. So all that aside, Sign. Me. Up!

Fast forward to yesterday; and my appointment to voluntarily have a needle full of steroids placed gently jabbed in my spine, to relieve my pain. I think playing with dead animals, had a lingering damaging effect on my brain.

Nice buns!

On the plus side, i had to get up very early and I barely had any sleep. I can deal with being cut-up and stabbed better when I'm sleepy. That being said, I definitely felt the needle go into my spine and REALLY felt the injection. And guess what? I get to do all over again in two weeks! SURPRISE! 

I am still in pain, but they say it takes about four days to get into your system and I may not feel any better for a couple of weeks. HA! Of course I won't feel better for a couple of weeks, that's when the next injection is scheduled!

If this doesn't work, Plan C will be implemented and of course involve more needles! 

Plan A - Ignore problem = FAIL
Plan B - Get steroids injected into spine - the jury is out on this one
Plan C - Acupuncture
Plan D - Drive into a train!

Wish me luck everyone!

Splendid then...


  1. Ok, where do I start?...well, despite the fact that you're feeling down, you are still funny. So you may or may not be happy to hear that. May not be as amusing as the donkey in the well (I agree, that was amusing).
    My husband had the cortisone shots in his spine several years ago, and yes, after the first couple, he did begin to feel tremendous relief. So keep at 'er, and do avoid the train station or any train tracks.

  2. Thanks Sandra! I'm really hoping for some relief after my next shot; so for now, I will stay away from the tracks!