Monday, August 8, 2011

I LOATHE the Fascistbook Team!

So, Fascistbook blocked my blog from ever being posted again. This happened 
a couple of weeks ago and I have submitted many requests for an answer as to 
why this has happened. 
It's hard to say if one of my friends reported it as offensive or if it's another
annoying Fascistbook glitch. If it was a friend; THE HELL!? Clearly you don't 
understand me at all and you should delete me! 
My instincts tell me that it's Fascistbook censoring my ass!
So after a week of sending help requests and getting no response, 
I have received the following letter:
Thank you for submitting this bug report and taking time to help us 
improve the site. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to every bug 
report individually, but we are reading them.
Screen shots often help our team diagnose problems that users are seeing. 
If you did not send a screen shot with your report, please follow the 
directions listed here:
Once you have saved the screen shot, attach it in a response to this email. 
If your issue is unfamiliar to our team, we may contact you for more details. 
If we have identified and are troubleshooting your issue, 
we will not need to contact you for more details. 
For more information about issues currently affecting the site, 
please visit the Facebook Known Issues Page at
We appreciate your patience and feedback as we work to improve your Facebook 
The Facebook Team
The "Team" hard at work; ready to reply!
I don't believe that there are any actual "humans" on the Facebook Team; 
nor do I believe that there is an actual Fascistbook Team.  If per chance they 
are real then they are definitely a lively group of Hitler loving, good time 
having facsists! Oh Zuckerberg what a sense of humor you must have! 
Censorship & Creepy Ads about things you write - The Fascistbook way!
I can only hope that more of you will join up with me over at Google+ so we can 
finally leave the ever-changing hell that I now call Fascistbook. 
Splendid then... 
P.S. If you want an invite for Google+ message me at:

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  1. I can relate. I own Powdered Wig Society ( I rely heavily on fascistbook for marketing and am paying them $300 a month to help promote my page. While I am doing that they are leading me around by the nose. I have been blocked dozens of times WHILE I AM PAYING THEM! I am blocked right now. I have had enough! Sorry to use your blog to vent. I recently found a startup alternative, I hope it really takes off. I found your blog by searching "fascistbook" pics. I call them the same thing.