Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bacon, laxatives & #1 dads!

Sunday was full of bad ideas and drunks…


Always a great idea, right?

I always say there aren’t enough foods with bacon in them.  Or, bacon makes everything better!  I mostly stand by those statements.

So… Super Sunday I asked the hub to make a meatloaf with bacon inside and then wrapped with bacon.  Awesome!!

It was ridiculous awesome and it quickly become painful.  Now I am sitting here several days later, (Thursday), drinking laxative tea…. It was that or the Drano I purchased last night for the backed up bathroom sink.  I think the Drano would have tasted better. Just one small sip, how bad could it be?

So yeah, I’m typing this waiting for some sort of explosion to occur;

and thinking about how tasty brownies would be with some bacon in the mix. 

Um, what the eff google?


Lesson unlearned!

Damn you bacon, you win again!

And now to the drunks...

Over the years, we have come to call Sundays, Psycho Sunday, at the bar I run, as the craziest people show up and try to get served a drink.  Psycho Sunday never fails to make me say, "what the fuck?"  

We aren't exactly in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Salem, we are much closer to the barrio and the homeless shelter; in fact, they can see our neon's from across the plaza, beckoning them to come closer.... so who can blame them for trying, really...

The homeless guy that came in and tried to get a drink, was nothing out of the ordinary, so I won't bore you with the details...

And then this guy walked in:

Actual guy much fatter, much drunker and #1 DAD, not greatest damn it; #1!

Wow!  I always wanted to meet the World’s #1 Dad!!  What an honor!
This guy couldn’t even form a sentence let alone the words Bacardi & Coke. Needless to say we asked him to leave and then he asked for a coke. Then his crazed buddy came in wearing all orange and said he was there to give him a ride and could he have a drink.  Um.... NO!!  Then there was a slew of insults from the guy in orange and incoherent mumbling from #1 Dad until my friend Liz yelled at them convinced them to be on there merry way back to their trailer somewhere in Hell!

Mother nature is calling me.

Splendid then...


  1. I worked in retail for eight years. We noticed the same thing about Sunday's. Crazies must spend Sunday's at the mall and then hit the bars for a drink. Because it sounds like the same brood. Good times, good times. And when they're drunk, ooooh, I can just imagine.

  2. It's even worse when it's around the full moon!