Saturday, February 5, 2011

My cats breath smells like cat food...

Cat food and ass, mostly ass.  It's horrible really and sometimes I think "Hey, I could just brush his teeth" and then I picture the biting and scratching that would ensue and I think about squirrels instead.

Not my cat - Me trying to be a cat =FAIL!

My cat Nipsy a.k.a. Nipsyrussell, Sir Licks A Lot, Nipsyopolous and Jerkface 
So, Sir Licks A Lot has become more needy and demanding, and dare I say "loving" in his old age.  He has in fact, become my own personal pillow pet; you know "It's a pillow! It's a pet!", he has taken to sleeping on top of my head on my pillow night after night.  (He just sneezed in my eye as I am typing this).  We are very close now and it's awesome, making me itchy.

I'm trying not to think about the crappy rain/sleet happening outside my window right this very minute.  I'm also trying to not think about all the stress and insanity that is happening in my life.  I have a reoccurring nightmare (when I'm not battling insomnia), where there is this horrific car crash and a guy is running next to the car and he gets hit and his head and face get all shredded up by the broken glass on the window, and then another guy gets run over by the car and I watch as the tire goes over his head and makes a "popping" sound and there is a huge hole and tire tread on the back/top of his head and blood is pouring out everywhere and the guy actually gets up.

That's usually when I wake up... that was my dream this morning, and I had it earlier this week too; and no, I haven't been watching horror movies.  Those don't scare me anyway. It's all STRESS and bad commercials for things like Pajama Jeans, Pillow Pets and Tyson Chicken Nuggets....  
Splendid then...



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