Monday, February 21, 2011

Showers can be magical...

I've been sick all weekend and lazing around in bed watching bad TV and playing scrabble online. All the while hoping for a speedy recovery in anticipation of one of the greatest holidays ever - Presidents Day!

Jaws III in 3D I must be sick!
Nipsy forgot his 3D glasses!

Last night I hung my Presidents Day stocking by the space heater with care in hopes that President Lincoln would soon be here. When I woke up, there were no presents!  What gives Abe?  I was expecting a new car or a mattress set from Sleepys and I get nothing; Worst Presidents Day EVER!
Lincoln knows if you've been naughty or nice!

So I'm texting with a friend, (Screw you spell check, texting is an action word!), and she's telling me that she's feeling unmotivated and what not, (preaching to the choir, if you look up unmotivated or lazy, I'm certain there is a picture of me and my cat watching 3D movies without the glasses - See! Lazy!), where was I?  

Unmotivated. Yes, so she ended up showering and it not only made her feel better and motivated, but she was also clean!  Also she said something about how being dirty and smelly makes you feel 10 times worse, and how she almost felt like she had purpose now; hysterical!

Me: Wow, really?  That sounds magical, I'm going to try it!

See, when I don't feel well and I'm lazing about, I often forget the possibility that bathing might help to enhance my mood, and reduce the stench that...Whoa, is that me?  I need some magic!

I just googled lazy and unmotivated and this was the first picture - Wow...

Not a lot of content here today people, but hey, it's a holiday and you should all be thankful that I bathed.

Splendid then...

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