Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Magic socks & complete idiots!!

I'm dealing with a ton of stress right now, and by dealing I mean I'm mostly having anxiety attacks and freaking out. So, for now I am trying to keep my blog light and humorous, as I need to remain positive and trick myself into being happy. I will eventually delve into the deeper aspects of my life. It will still be funny, but mostly only to me...

These make me happy! My friend gave me a pair and I may grow them tonight. Stay tuned!
So yesterday I called our merchant service people for the bar, as they provide us supplies for our credit card processing machine and I need supplies. Simple right?

The guy I spoke with was to put it mildly; a complete idiot. I am questioning if it was his first day on earth or if perhaps he was missing part of his brain; in which case I would cut him some slack...

I imagine hope this is what happened after my phone call

So, it took me about a half and hour to explain to Einstein that I need a case of 2-ply paper rolls for the printer and a box of ribbon ink, also for the printer. This was quite possibly the most painful half hour of my life...

Today, (I wish I had taken a picture of this), I received three boxes of pens & a case of thermal paper. Wrong & wrong!

I don't know why I thought I would receive the actual items that I ordered after my conversation with this guy, as it was blatantly clear that he didn't understand anything that I was saying.

We do kind of need pens.... but we REALLY need fucking printer rolls and ink!!! 


I'm off to soak in some bubbles and mentally prepare for tomorrow.

Splendid then...

P.S. The Black Eyed Peas are DEAD TO ME! I will get into that later this week.

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