Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I must admit, in my old age I got something wrong, (What? How could that be? I'm always right), and it was a post on here, so I just went back and fixed it like it never happened!  

My post entitled I am going to Hell...   I erroneously named the band that played in Warwick R.I. as White Lion, when it was Great White. Still not Whitesnake!

My office is practically identical to this!

I have been procrastinating making a Dr.'s appointment and it's come to a head. I can no longer ignore the problem at hand, in fact I'm certain it's getting worse, (funny how that works).

Here is an example of why I think that: Driving into work today with the hub, (I need to come up with a better reference name for him, suggestions? - that might be a bad idea, never mind), and we are stopped at a light. 

Mind you, I'm having SEVERE back spasms today, and no, that's not why I am going to the Dr., I am going to mention it while I'm there; where was I?
Clearly I have not!

Ah yes, stopped at light behind a dirty black Honda.

Me: I want to lick the trunk of that car

Hub: * blink * blink umm, what?

Me: It's so dirty I just want to lick it (that's what she said). How much will you pay me to lick that car?

Hub: umm, nothing have you lost your mind?

Then I thought about having to unroll the window to open the door, (that's how we roll in the rape mobile), and get out of the truck before the light changes and without falling to street in agony from a huge spasm. 

I'm thinking $10 minimum for all the effort. I'm poor and times are tough!

So, I must have some horrible brain infecting infection to be outright wanting to lick a dirty car. Procrastination will be the death of me.

Splendid then...

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